Saturday, May 7, 2011

What's that big thing on your head?

I couldn't help but smile when tim asked the question,
 "Whats that big thing on your head?"
What was it? My headband, and not even my biggest one at that!
From my little experience of living with a boy, I have been completely fascinated with how different we are. Boys must have so many questions. Some of Tim's would include:

Why do you pucker your lips in the mirror?

Why do you sing and dance around in your underwear?

Why do you put sparkles on your face?

Why do you do twirls in the grocery store?

Why is it every time you see a gecko, you talk to it?

Are you sure ice cream is a necessity?

Why is it that you cry?

Why is everything you

Why do you kill the ants in our house like you're scared of them?

Why does your choice of movie always have kissing in it?

Should I tell her that she is really not a mermaid?

Why do you use four times as much of conditioner than is needed?

Why do you "pretend" to online shop, when you can't buy anything?

 - Speaking of pretend online shopping... This is what I bought today :) 

Well boys I have one simple answer to all of your questions. Why girls do the things they do?

Because we love to.


  1. jordan! you are so cute and i love reading about you and tim. brian has almost all the same questions! isn't being married fun? and i almost bought that green shirt from anthro today in yellow! you have great taste :)

  2. I love this Hord! haha too funny :)

  3. You are so cute Jordan! Sounds like life is going good for you :)

  4. Thanks girlies :) Jennica- being married is SO fun! and i just love reading your blog too. You and brian are like my role model couple . :)

  5. hahahahahahahaha
    those questions are all priceless.
    I love your blog so much! your posts are so cute!