Monday, May 23, 2011

For a brief moment...

Tim and I are officially Polynesian Cultural Centre workers!
Tim is doing an internship with the marketing department and I work at the Gateway buffet! We both really enjoy our jobs; they are awesome. I work with the sweetest people, and I don't mean sweet as is "ya dude that's totally sweet," I mean sweet as in the most kind, friendly and adorable people you will ever meet. Now as lucky as we are to both have jobs, work is still work.
I do not like it when I am bussing plates and the guests' food spills on me. I do not like my uniform. I do not like that by the end of the night my feet are aching. I do not like seating people in places that they obviously don't like. I don't like that the PCC doesn't accept tips (where's the fun in that?).  But what I dislike the most, is having to go to work on a beautiful day when I know I could be spending time with best friend. Call me silly, but if I could spend every second of everyday with him, I would. 
Now on a happier note, aside from all the things I dislike about work, there is one thing that I absolutely love.I love it when I am working and completely out of the blue Tim and the marketing team come walking in,(sometimes they have projects within the food services). 

I love that in the brief moment we see each other we both can't help but grin. 

I love that for a brief moment I am the happiest girl in the world. 

I love that for a brief moment we are together, 

and I love that for a brief moment we are both reminded of how much we love each other.

 Work is never so unbearable after that brief moment. 

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