Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blood and Chocolate

Taryn Lyster :
 My roommate,  my cousin, my best friend,
 my shoulder to cry on, and the reason my stomach is still sore from laughing...
Simply amazing.

Now one of Taryn's quirks that I am completely in love with, is her passion for movies. It's absolutely incredible, it floors me. She has her own personal collection of 149 movies. I won't have to rent any movies this whole year! :) Now I myself do not share this intense love of movie watching, so when Taryn suggests watching a movie I am sometimes reluctant. Today I decided that I would happily watch a movie with her, no sighs, no groans, just a peaceful afternoon spent with my best friend :) ...we watched a movie called Blood and Chocolate. Haha it was very interesting. I'm very sorry to say that I fell's a bad habit of mine. Now even though I fell asleep, and even though we watched a movie called Blood and Chocolate, it was an afternoon full of sunshine. Taryn and I are going to have a great year :)