Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summertime, and the living is easy

 No. Your eyes are not fooling you...

Flights are booked!

July 13th... that is only 15 days away.
(Now i really need to get my school work done.)
I have this new phrase that I like to use:
"I'm so excited I could to throw my hands in the air!"
(Followed by, of course, my arms flailing up in the air.)
Tim always laughs when I do this, but seriously, this is a "throw your hands up in the air" type of excitement. I have already begun planning. You are totally invited to join in on all my venturings. 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II!

Going to see the summer plays!

Helping out with dinner Theatre!

I want to have a barbecue... hamburgers anyone?

Selling cute sweaters at Tim's camp!

Thunder in the Valley!
(Fun fact about the newlyweds: Thunder in the Valley was our first official date. It was on the way home that we first cuddled.)( I know I know I know, cuddling on the first date?! What can I say, I was a goner from the very start.)

There is something so beautiful about home and familiarity,
see you soon Canada!

The Mrs.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Green Thumb

A couple of weeks ago, Tim and I went shopping at Walmart.
This shopping trip was like any ordinary shopping trip, that is until Tim insisted on browsing through the greenhouse...

"Jordan, i'm getting a green thumb!"

"You love flowers don't you? Let's buy a plant for our house!"

"It will be our way of multiplying and replenishing the earth without having children!"

I must admit, the last line killed me. How could I refuse? We then bought two plants. We were going to have a competition to see who could take care of their plant the best. The conclusion?
We both failed miserably.
I knew we should of stuck to plastic plants. 
Or as Tim said, "We should just stick to having babies."

Mine is on the left, (despite the fact that both of our plants are pretty much gone, I do think I won :)

The Mrs.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A breath of fresh air

Goodness gracious. 
It feels so good to be blogging again.
Life in the Zemp home has been a little crazy lately, and you know how I feel about crazy. I love it. 
Last week my parents came and visited, it was AWESOME!
We talked, shopped, dined, drove, saw sea turtles, went to the night show, enjoyed sunshine, learned how to play the ukelele,
simply put, we indulged in each others company. It was fabulous, I miss them already.

As of right now, I am trying to catch up on a week's worth of homework that I definitely did not do during my parents stay.
Not only do I need to catch up, but I need to get ahead. Why do I need to ahead? Let me tell you! July 15th-25th (give or take) Tim and I are coming to visit CANADA! I cannot wait to see my family and friends! Are you ready to play? Because we are SO excited to see your beautiful faces again.
See ya in a few weeks! 

This is a picture of me and Tim after our recent date in Honolulu. (Note: I cut my bangs.) We were a very happy couple on the beach after a frozen treat at Yogurtland. Seriously, if you havn't... TRY IT!

The Mrs. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Volley What!?

Most of you have probably noticed a lot of posts on facebook about "accelerated sports camps."
What most of you probably don't know, is what exactly "accelerated sports camps" are. Let me enlighten you!

The facts:

"Accelerated sports camps" is an annual camp that my amazing husband Tim puts on during the summer.

 This year there are two volleyball camps. One for the high school (July 20-22) and one for the junior high (July 19th-21). 

Every year an amazing coach (NCAA) comes and helps coach the camps.(This year's coach is Joe Hillman, he is the assistant head coach of the Salt Lake College women's volleyball team.)(Wow!)(Do I hear recruitment opportunities?)

This year is a special year. On top of Mr.Hillman, Yoselyder Cala, a former player of the Cuban national team is coming as well. He is black. Who wouldn't want to learn volleyball from a black man? 

I almost forgot to mention... TIM ZEMP! All those other coaches are pretty stellar, but trust me, it's my baby that makes these camps as awesome as they are.

Registration is now! And you'd better register quick because after June 19th (in one week) there is a $20 late registration charge. So tell your friends family everyone that if they want to be apart of this awesome experience they'd better sign up! 
Don't worry it is SO easy. For online registration click here.

Concerns you might have:

Volleyball isn't my sport.

I love volleyball, but I just started, i'd embarrass myself!

I am way to good for any summer camps, it would be a waste of my time.

What's volleyball? 

( Yep, that loner girl sitting on the side, that would be me.)

I myself am not much of a sporty girl... let me rephrase,
I am terrible at sports. I even had a gym teacher laugh and say
"don't worry Jordan, you'll get it someday..." as I was trying to dribble a basketball. But guess what! I asked Tim if a girl like me would be good enough for the camps, if a girl like me would even enjoy the camps. And the answer is YES! So toss all your fears and insecurities aside, because if Jordan Zemp can do it, you totally can too. In fact I think I might. And if you are unlike me, and you are a sports allstar, there couldn't be a better camp for you to improve you skills, get recruitment opportunities AND be challenged. Oh trust me, playing with Cala or Tim, you will be challenged.

See all you volleyballers this summer!!!

The Mrs.

P.S. Warning! Those of you attending this camp who get to know Tim will no doubt fall in love with him... he can't help being so out of this world hunkalicious, just don't get your hopes up and remember he belongs to me. Thank you :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

There comes a time in your life...

It's getting to that point. Husbands are good for a lot of things, but sometimes you just need a female's opinion. 
There comes a time in your life where you just need to decide.
Now here is big question:
Bangs or no bangs?
To cut or to grow?
Tim is so sweet, he won't give me anything but, "you look beautiful both ways!" Oh men, you are so cute sometimes. 
So I need your help. Only you can understand how big of a decision bangs really are! Friends, family, acquaintances, people I don't know, anyone's help is appreciated. 
Thank you kindly :)

The Mrs.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Heart smiles

As I was looking through some old pictures,
I found this darling one of you. 
Nemo is cute, but he doesn't stand a chance when you're in the picture -even with his gimpy fin.

As I was reminiscing, a memory came to mind. One that I had completely forgot about, one that I never wanted to forget.
It's simple, but it just makes my heart smile you know?

You were four years old,(in three days you will be five!)
It was during the winter time when I took off school to get ready for mine and Tim's wedding. Mom was in the King & I and needed some extra help around the house. I was SO lucky to be the one that got to take care of you and Jack! We had SO much fun together! You had three things that you liked to do everyday. 

1. Play with your pirates and knights
2. Watch Treehouse 
3. Have tickle time with me!

It was a day full of tickles and tag and we were having a blast. 
I can just remember the sound of your little feet stampeding around the house and your maniacal laugh as I chased you.
But then I had to go run an errand. You, as always, wanted to come with me. I buckled you in the back seat and hopped up in the front. As I turned my head around to pull out of the driveway, I couldn't help but smile at you. I love you so much. And even though you were so young, even though I didn't say it, I think you  could tell. Because then I heard your soft sweet voice say the most touching words. 

"I like you Jordan"

You were beaming. I was beaming. I think the car was beaming ;)
I love that memory, and now, neither you or I will ever forget it.
I love you baby brother.

The Mrs.

Predestined II

My last post titled "Predestined" had a picture that I like to pretend was foretelling the future. Well the other day my friend Sarah was reading my post "What's that big thing on your head?" and she came across a comic that reminded her of me. I loved this comic so much that I thought I would share it with you all, and like my other post, this comic also foretells the future. 

Someday I will be a mermaid.

The Mrs.

Friday, June 3, 2011

I love days like these.

Crazy days. I love them.
I love that feeling of anxiety right before the day begins. The question, am I going to survive today?
I love that feeling at the end of the day, when you literally sink into your bed. The feeling of absolute satisfaction and peace- you did it. Yesterday was one of those days, I had two final exams that started at 7:30 in the morning. Right after I finished my exams, Tim and I rushed home to pack. Right after we were finished packing up our house we moved everything into our new house,(YAY!) Right after that we spent a way too short last hour together before Tim had to go to the airport to catch a plane to a coaching clinic in Provo. Right after Tim left I had to go to work for some hostess training. Right after training I biked as fast as I could to the Nortons house to babysit their adorable children. Right after that I went to my old landlord's house to feed and let out their dog. AND THEN! I went to my new wonderful home and slept. Best sleep ever. I seriously love days like these. I don't love them everyday, but every once and a while is so refreshing.

Speaking of refreshing, today there was a huge thunderstorm!
And as refreshing as it was to ride my bike in the rain, it totally ruined my plans of lap swimming and going to the beach. I just wanted to be a little bit more tan and fit before Tim comes home! Is that to much to ask rain? I even took my vitamins today. It's okay rain, I forgive you, just don't come again tomorrow okay?

Water damage. 
On my way back from not being able to swim at the pool
and I still got just as wet!

The Mrs.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

truly scrumptious

Today for lunch I had my very first papaya. It was delicious.

I took this picture while I was eating lunch.
Is it just me or are papayas really attractive?
People should hang pictures of papayas in their houses, they totally beat the cliche bowl of fruit.

The Mrs.