Saturday, June 4, 2011

Heart smiles

As I was looking through some old pictures,
I found this darling one of you. 
Nemo is cute, but he doesn't stand a chance when you're in the picture -even with his gimpy fin.

As I was reminiscing, a memory came to mind. One that I had completely forgot about, one that I never wanted to forget.
It's simple, but it just makes my heart smile you know?

You were four years old,(in three days you will be five!)
It was during the winter time when I took off school to get ready for mine and Tim's wedding. Mom was in the King & I and needed some extra help around the house. I was SO lucky to be the one that got to take care of you and Jack! We had SO much fun together! You had three things that you liked to do everyday. 

1. Play with your pirates and knights
2. Watch Treehouse 
3. Have tickle time with me!

It was a day full of tickles and tag and we were having a blast. 
I can just remember the sound of your little feet stampeding around the house and your maniacal laugh as I chased you.
But then I had to go run an errand. You, as always, wanted to come with me. I buckled you in the back seat and hopped up in the front. As I turned my head around to pull out of the driveway, I couldn't help but smile at you. I love you so much. And even though you were so young, even though I didn't say it, I think you  could tell. Because then I heard your soft sweet voice say the most touching words. 

"I like you Jordan"

You were beaming. I was beaming. I think the car was beaming ;)
I love that memory, and now, neither you or I will ever forget it.
I love you baby brother.

The Mrs.


  1. I teach Elijah in primary now....and it scares me to death. I just want the kids to like me but I also have to make sure they are learning something! haha but its been fun and your brother is adorable hopefully he doesn't mind getting new teachers for the summer.

  2. That is so fun!!! Dont be scared! they will all love you :) you are just so lovable. You'll be a wonderful teacher!!!