Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Volley What!?

Most of you have probably noticed a lot of posts on facebook about "accelerated sports camps."
What most of you probably don't know, is what exactly "accelerated sports camps" are. Let me enlighten you!

The facts:

"Accelerated sports camps" is an annual camp that my amazing husband Tim puts on during the summer.

 This year there are two volleyball camps. One for the high school (July 20-22) and one for the junior high (July 19th-21). 

Every year an amazing coach (NCAA) comes and helps coach the camps.(This year's coach is Joe Hillman, he is the assistant head coach of the Salt Lake College women's volleyball team.)(Wow!)(Do I hear recruitment opportunities?)

This year is a special year. On top of Mr.Hillman, Yoselyder Cala, a former player of the Cuban national team is coming as well. He is black. Who wouldn't want to learn volleyball from a black man? 

I almost forgot to mention... TIM ZEMP! All those other coaches are pretty stellar, but trust me, it's my baby that makes these camps as awesome as they are.

Registration is now! And you'd better register quick because after June 19th (in one week) there is a $20 late registration charge. So tell your friends family everyone that if they want to be apart of this awesome experience they'd better sign up! 
Don't worry it is SO easy. For online registration click here.

Concerns you might have:

Volleyball isn't my sport.

I love volleyball, but I just started, i'd embarrass myself!

I am way to good for any summer camps, it would be a waste of my time.

What's volleyball? 

( Yep, that loner girl sitting on the side, that would be me.)

I myself am not much of a sporty girl... let me rephrase,
I am terrible at sports. I even had a gym teacher laugh and say
"don't worry Jordan, you'll get it someday..." as I was trying to dribble a basketball. But guess what! I asked Tim if a girl like me would be good enough for the camps, if a girl like me would even enjoy the camps. And the answer is YES! So toss all your fears and insecurities aside, because if Jordan Zemp can do it, you totally can too. In fact I think I might. And if you are unlike me, and you are a sports allstar, there couldn't be a better camp for you to improve you skills, get recruitment opportunities AND be challenged. Oh trust me, playing with Cala or Tim, you will be challenged.

See all you volleyballers this summer!!!

The Mrs.

P.S. Warning! Those of you attending this camp who get to know Tim will no doubt fall in love with him... he can't help being so out of this world hunkalicious, just don't get your hopes up and remember he belongs to me. Thank you :)


  1. I have to say my favorite part was the end !!:) Jordan I love your blog!

  2. Thanks Shikari! I was totally stalking your grad pictures today... You were STUNNING lady!!!

  3. Ha there was a lot! Thanks!! :)