Sunday, August 28, 2011

Picture post

Here is a little taste of how 


my week was:


 Stay tuned for more details. 

I miss you already Taryn!  

The Mrs.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Today is the day!

Taryn is coming today!

I can't wait to see her beautiful face!

I can't wait to run up to her at the airport with a lei and say,
"Aloha!" and then force her to take post-traveling pictures with me.

I can't wait to take her to yogurt land.

I can't wait to do a hike with her.

I can't wait to suntan with her.

I can't wait to do everything with her!!!!!

It is going to be and awesome week.

See you in less than 12 hours Taryn!

The Mrs.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Today makes five months. 

Love you hunky man :)

The Mrs.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


So there is this little boy I babysit, his name is Cruz. 

Pretty awesome name right? 

Anyways, I absolutely love babysitting this little boy.
He has the biggest, darkest brown eyes you've ever seen and he is in love with the movie cars.(His "mater" pajamas are to die for.)

Cruz makes me smile.

Last week when I was babysitting he noticed a scrape on my arm and insisted on kissing it better. He has also been checking up on it ever since.

 Today while playing outside he picked me a flower - what a gentlemen.

He also recently shared a secret with me: His name is Cruz, and he is a prince. And my name is Jordan and I am a princess. 

This was from today. I was drawing flowers, and he was completing them with the little circle in the middle. I give him an A for effort. :)

Cruz just makes me smile.
The Mrs.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Belated and blue music monday

I don't really know where to begin. Yesterday my uncle passed away. My Uncle Harold. He had a terrible accident. It has been so tragic.

My uncle was one of the happiest people I knew.
He was one of those people that just made you feel loved.

One of my favorite things about my uncle Harold was how he always insisted we have family sing-alongs. He loved music. One of his favorite bands was the Beatles, (I guess it runs in the family.)
The song I chose today is in memory of my uncle. Please keep his family in your prayers, they are in mine, along with an endless gratitude for eternal families.

The Mrs.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


High waisted jeans with a skinny belt. I've been dying to wear this look for a long time now, and I finally made it work! 

Tim doesn't even laugh at me when I wear it anymore. 
That ladies and gentlemen is what I would call success!

The Mrs.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

honey honey

So once upon a time Tim and I went on something called a honeymoon.
But see, it's really not just "some thing," I don't like to think of it as tangible, it's more of a state. Like a state of happiness; a state of blissful harmony. And I'm sure many of you can agree that it doesn't just end the week after you get married, or even the month after you get married. I see old couples in the "honeymoon state" all the time! The reason I am rambling on about this, is because this week we had our fujifilm camera developed. I wanted to share pictures from our "honeymoon" with you. But I couldn't simply say, "Here are some pictures from our honeymoon."
Because I don't believe a honeymoon ever has to end. So i'll rephrase:

Here are some pictures of me and my husband Tim! 
They are the very first pictures we took as we started our new life together. Enjoy :) 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Some recent happenings

Lately a lot of things have been going on:

I finished summer school and will be starting the fall as a sophomore

I got my first 4.0

I started babysitting a family of three adorable children:
Tea, Bryer, and Cruz

Tim has been loving his job as the assistant BYU-H woman's volleyball coach

We have been accepted into the married student housing.(That means our rent gets cut in half. YAY!)

I got a twitter and pinterst account. (And am LOVEing it :)

We got our first church calling as ward missionaries!

We realized that as of last month, we've officially been in love for a year! 

We are convinced, we have the greatest life.

The Mrs.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Fun fact about the newly weds:

We double ride. 

Tim's bike has been experiencing some technical difficulties lately, but no worries, our transportation dilemma has had a rather simple solution. Tim now rides my bike, while I ride on the handle bars. It's great, we go to school, the gym, the grocery store... anywhere! Last Sunday we were riding home from church when man driving by shouted "TRUE LOVE!" We both just smiled, he saw right through us. 

The Mrs.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Houston we have a problem.

So every once and a while I get these cravings. Last week it was peanut butter, and this week it's Nutella. 
I just can't get enough of it's hazelnut goodness. My plan to solve this little addiction of mine, is to be accountable... to you!
I am telling you right now, that I am not going to eat Nutella for the rest of the week. I'll let you know how it goes :)
Thanks for being there when I need you blogosphere.
Your are such a great support!

The Mrs.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Today is my bestie's birthday!

Chelan McMurray is her name <3

Well Chan, you are officially 19, that's legal marriage age if you wish to join the club! (Ha just kidding Cheryl ;)
I just wanted to wish you your happiest birthday yet!
You are so beautiful, so talented and are the ultimate example to me! I love you so much. I miss dancing with you, I miss dressing up and making horrendous music videos with you, I miss taken ugly face pictures with you and Tessa (can you believe that!?) Does "ice ice baby" bring back memories? Remember the evil plots we used to make about the she-devils? Remember the "Excited" cheer? Remember the bio and chem dances we made up? Remember how Quinton still shows them to his classes!? 

So many good memories.

And even though for the time being I live far far away,
I know there will be more good memories to come. 

I love you Chelan McMurray!

Happy Birthday!

Hordie :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And all the rest.

Here is how the rest of my trip to Canada went!

Day number two:
The second day we were in Canada we went to the theatre. First I helped out with the box office, then I helped with dinner theatre where I got to sing "For Good" with Taryn.(SO fun.) And then that night we went to the show "Spelling Bee".
If you haven't seen it yet you have to go, it is spectacular. My favourite song from the show is called "The I Love You Song." I've been singing it non-stop since. On top of that, (dorky confession) yesterday during some free time I thought i'd attempt making my first imovie. It consisted of Harry Potter pictures with the I love you song playing in the background. The only thing i'll say about it, is that both Tim and I agreed it would probably be best if I didn't share it with blogging world...

Moving on!

Day number three:

Day number three Tim and I took our siblings boating!
We even took Eli, he loved it! He was one of the first one's to jump in the water! (It was freezing I might add.) After we went boating we went into town and saw Harry Potter! I'm not going to go into details, it was amazing. The End.

Sabbath Day:

On Sunday Tim and I decided to go to singles ward with my cousin Taryn. You see we were saving her from an unfortunate ride into town... It was really fun! I saw lots of old friends! 
I forgot how funny singles ward could be.

Days 5-10
These were camp days! We had so much fun at the Camps. Tim and Cala did an amazing job coaching and the kids loved it. I was amazed by how much everybody improved! All the girls fell in love with Cala, it was really funny. Also! I got to visit one of my besties Chelan while the camps were going on. Boy how I missed her! She needs to come visit me in Hawaii. (Hint, hint :)
Side note: While I was helping tend the camps I became an incredible tetris player, if you ever want to play, be prepared. I also made this to help promote the camps. It was another one of my dorky ways to pass time.

Accelerated Sports Camps is out of this world! Come join in on the fun! High school camp starts today at 3:00, there is still some "space" left!
May the volley force be with you. :)

After the camps it was time to go back to Hawaii. I couldn't believe how fast time went by. There were so many things that I still wanted to do and so many people that I still wanted to see. Nonetheless, we were relieved to be back at home just the two of us. It felt like our honeymoon all over again. I just love being married.