Thursday, August 18, 2011


So there is this little boy I babysit, his name is Cruz. 

Pretty awesome name right? 

Anyways, I absolutely love babysitting this little boy.
He has the biggest, darkest brown eyes you've ever seen and he is in love with the movie cars.(His "mater" pajamas are to die for.)

Cruz makes me smile.

Last week when I was babysitting he noticed a scrape on my arm and insisted on kissing it better. He has also been checking up on it ever since.

 Today while playing outside he picked me a flower - what a gentlemen.

He also recently shared a secret with me: His name is Cruz, and he is a prince. And my name is Jordan and I am a princess. 

This was from today. I was drawing flowers, and he was completing them with the little circle in the middle. I give him an A for effort. :)

Cruz just makes me smile.
The Mrs.

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