Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And all the rest.

Here is how the rest of my trip to Canada went!

Day number two:
The second day we were in Canada we went to the theatre. First I helped out with the box office, then I helped with dinner theatre where I got to sing "For Good" with Taryn.(SO fun.) And then that night we went to the show "Spelling Bee".
If you haven't seen it yet you have to go, it is spectacular. My favourite song from the show is called "The I Love You Song." I've been singing it non-stop since. On top of that, (dorky confession) yesterday during some free time I thought i'd attempt making my first imovie. It consisted of Harry Potter pictures with the I love you song playing in the background. The only thing i'll say about it, is that both Tim and I agreed it would probably be best if I didn't share it with blogging world...

Moving on!

Day number three:

Day number three Tim and I took our siblings boating!
We even took Eli, he loved it! He was one of the first one's to jump in the water! (It was freezing I might add.) After we went boating we went into town and saw Harry Potter! I'm not going to go into details, it was amazing. The End.

Sabbath Day:

On Sunday Tim and I decided to go to singles ward with my cousin Taryn. You see we were saving her from an unfortunate ride into town... It was really fun! I saw lots of old friends! 
I forgot how funny singles ward could be.

Days 5-10
These were camp days! We had so much fun at the Camps. Tim and Cala did an amazing job coaching and the kids loved it. I was amazed by how much everybody improved! All the girls fell in love with Cala, it was really funny. Also! I got to visit one of my besties Chelan while the camps were going on. Boy how I missed her! She needs to come visit me in Hawaii. (Hint, hint :)
Side note: While I was helping tend the camps I became an incredible tetris player, if you ever want to play, be prepared. I also made this to help promote the camps. It was another one of my dorky ways to pass time.

Accelerated Sports Camps is out of this world! Come join in on the fun! High school camp starts today at 3:00, there is still some "space" left!
May the volley force be with you. :)

After the camps it was time to go back to Hawaii. I couldn't believe how fast time went by. There were so many things that I still wanted to do and so many people that I still wanted to see. Nonetheless, we were relieved to be back at home just the two of us. It felt like our honeymoon all over again. I just love being married. 

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  1. if only I were wealthy enough to come visit! cuz I totally would!!! haha