Wednesday, August 10, 2011

honey honey

So once upon a time Tim and I went on something called a honeymoon.
But see, it's really not just "some thing," I don't like to think of it as tangible, it's more of a state. Like a state of happiness; a state of blissful harmony. And I'm sure many of you can agree that it doesn't just end the week after you get married, or even the month after you get married. I see old couples in the "honeymoon state" all the time! The reason I am rambling on about this, is because this week we had our fujifilm camera developed. I wanted to share pictures from our "honeymoon" with you. But I couldn't simply say, "Here are some pictures from our honeymoon."
Because I don't believe a honeymoon ever has to end. So i'll rephrase:

Here are some pictures of me and my husband Tim! 
They are the very first pictures we took as we started our new life together. Enjoy :) 

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