Thursday, August 4, 2011


Today is my bestie's birthday!

Chelan McMurray is her name <3

Well Chan, you are officially 19, that's legal marriage age if you wish to join the club! (Ha just kidding Cheryl ;)
I just wanted to wish you your happiest birthday yet!
You are so beautiful, so talented and are the ultimate example to me! I love you so much. I miss dancing with you, I miss dressing up and making horrendous music videos with you, I miss taken ugly face pictures with you and Tessa (can you believe that!?) Does "ice ice baby" bring back memories? Remember the evil plots we used to make about the she-devils? Remember the "Excited" cheer? Remember the bio and chem dances we made up? Remember how Quinton still shows them to his classes!? 

So many good memories.

And even though for the time being I live far far away,
I know there will be more good memories to come. 

I love you Chelan McMurray!

Happy Birthday!

Hordie :)


  1. Hordie I love you to pieces. You are the best :) thank you! I loved this! teared up a little bit haha typical right? LOVE YOU!

  2. LOVE this!...special, very special <3