Friday, July 29, 2011

My new philosophy

My new philosophy:

Be bold.

Be brave, be adventurous, embrace things that make you feel uncomfortable. Trust me, life is a lot more fun this way.

For example:

Never in my life would you see me wearing yellow. Don't get me wrong, yellow is a fabulous color, a happy color, but I had convinced myself that it looked terrible with my yellow skin tones and yellow hair... too much yellow! Well ladies, anthropologie offered quite the tempting deal, this to die for shirt... on sale!? But it's yellow... Then I told myself "Yes Jordan, it is yellow, and that is why you must buy it. Embrace your inner bold. You deserve to wear sunshine colours. 

I think my favourite part is the zipper in the back. :D

For another example:
You know those girls that can just throw their hair on top of their heads and look amazing? Well, those lovely oddities of nature are lucky, especially if they live in Hawaii where it gets a little bit "too" hot sometimes. So yesterday, date day, (best day of the week!) Tim and I went into town. I was having a terrible hair day, not even the ponytail was working for me.
 I was stuck. Here is how the conversation in my head went:

"Come on hair, why are you being so difficult today. Bangs, could you please flatter my face instead of laying there so dead-like? I know! I'll throw you up in a pony tail! Not bad not bad, this just might do... Bangs! stay in place! Awe man this is hopeless... I wish I could just pull off the bun on top of your head look. 

Wait a second...

Why can't I!? Time to be bold Jordan. Who cares if you can't pull it off. Who cares if you look silly! Who cares about the thoughts people will have as you walk down the strip. It's the worry-free hairdo. You deserve you wear the worry-free hairdo."

And then I did it! 

Now it's your turn! 
Go embrace your inner bold. 
The Mrs.
P.S. I know that most of you will probably have already discovered the bold philosophy, and find this blog post a little silly... but hey that't okay! We all learn at our own pace right?

P.S.S. If you look at the first picture, on the left, you can see Tim embracing his inner bold too. Dancing! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Take me the way I am

Let me introduce you to my favourite song of the week.
 Today I was having one of those "insecure" days, and my best friend like always, made them all disappear. This song describes exactly how I feel. 

 The video is kinda weird, but seriously just listen. 

I agree with Jane.
Let's make the blogosphere a musical place.

The Mrs.

Day number one.

Cardston Alberta Canada!
One of my favourite places in the entire world.
Day number one of my Canadian adventure went like this:

Tim and I arrived in Calgary where both of our mom's were waiting to pick us up. They wanted to go shopping. 

Mom's: Do you mind if we stop at the mall?
Me: PLEASE can we stop at the mall!?

We then went shopping for Matts birthday, and possibly a few other things... possibly two new shirts and a skirt from anthro? Possibly a new lulu top? Possibly these to die for shoes in a baby pink?

Oh shopping how I'd missed you. It was so fun. I think my favourite part was when Tim got his first lulu sweater. I knew he'd cave someday ;) Although he still claims that he is going to somehow get rid of the logo on the hood...

When we arrived in Cardston later that night, we celebrated Matt's 17th birthday. I just love Matt. He is such a good sport. One of the presents he received was a baby doll from Rachel and Lindsey. As soon as he opened it Lindsey exclaimed:

"That's Jordan and Tim's baby... that they didn't want."

Oh Family how I have missed laughing with you.

The Mrs.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just too good.

So I promise I will blog about my Canada adventures soon...

I've just been completely and utterly distracted.

And loving every second of it.
The Mrs.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What happens when my husband gets into my makeup?

At the Polynesian Cultural Centre there is a huge halloween event called the "haunted lagoon." Tim's assignment for work was to research how to do halloween makeup. He's been learning how to do all sorts of crazy things! Burnt faces, cut faces, stapled faces, you name it. We were having family home evening last night and he decided to practice on me. I asked him to make me look like a faerie, and I must admit...

Babe you got some mad skills.

There is no way we are not dressing up to the Harry Potter and Twilight movies. Maybe you could do some cool fireworks on my face for thunder in the valley!? - I am going to have way too much fun with this.

The Mrs.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Facebook is great for a lot of things; I myself love looking through old pictures. As I was browsing today, I came across some pictures that reminded me of all the little things I love about Carsdton. (Only three more days!) Here are a few.

 I love the people. Lethbridge Trips. Photoshoots.

I love the basketball games. Football games. Pretty much all sporting events. Oh and of COURSE volley ball games.

I love the theatre. Summer theatre. The regulars. 

I love the dance studio. Ms. Jodi. Ms. Cheryl. The triple threat.

I love the temple.

I just love you Cardston.

The Mrs.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Date : a social appointment, engagement, or occasion arranged beforehand with another person

This is surfin' Tacos. 
You could call it the "hawaiian cafe rio."
It is divine; the sweet pork burrito with black beans is my favourite. Today we went on a group date with some friends: Tim, Skyler and Brooke. It was awesome. My single friends always complain about dating - I don't blame them - but once your married, dating rocks. It's my favourite thing. There is nothing better than cuddling and watching a movie (ehem harry potter) with your sweetie, or having a hot beach day with cold ice cream treats. 

I love dating you Tim Zemp! 

You are the best boyfriend in the whole world!

The Mrs.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Some people say gullible, some say blond, I say:
a trusting person.
I am one of those people, and my beloved timothy likes to play tricks on me sometimes. Yesterday he told me that I was talking in my sleep and I said some  very rude things to him.

"Tim... you are fat"

"You are a rolie polie boy"

"I am going to kick you down a hill and watch you roll down!"

Between laughing hysterically and apologizing we were having a great time. Nonetheless I was a bit suspicious of this story, I would never dream (literally) of saying such things. I said:

"Tim, I am trusting you, did I really say those things?"


"Jordan, you really said those things! They really hurt my feelings!...JUST KIDDING!"

Oh timothy you trickster! 
He also told me that I pass gas during my sleep...
Do you think I am going to believe him?
Nice try babe ;)

The Mrs.