Monday, July 4, 2011


Some people say gullible, some say blond, I say:
a trusting person.
I am one of those people, and my beloved timothy likes to play tricks on me sometimes. Yesterday he told me that I was talking in my sleep and I said some  very rude things to him.

"Tim... you are fat"

"You are a rolie polie boy"

"I am going to kick you down a hill and watch you roll down!"

Between laughing hysterically and apologizing we were having a great time. Nonetheless I was a bit suspicious of this story, I would never dream (literally) of saying such things. I said:

"Tim, I am trusting you, did I really say those things?"


"Jordan, you really said those things! They really hurt my feelings!...JUST KIDDING!"

Oh timothy you trickster! 
He also told me that I pass gas during my sleep...
Do you think I am going to believe him?
Nice try babe ;)

The Mrs.


  1. but hordyy... you do pass gas in your sleep..

  2. pahahaha! Oh tessa you are a trickster too! Such a silly one ;)