Sunday, May 20, 2012

work, sleep, repeat.

It's summer time. Summer time is blogging time, so hopefully this isn't another failed attempt at keeping record of life's happenings. 

Dance Recital: Me, Michelle, Chelan and Tessa all performed in Jodi's Dance Academy's Year end recital. We put our number together in a week hoping to help advertise for our upcoming dance camp. It was a BLAST! We did it to the song "hero" from the new footloose movie. I love dancing. Especially with such wonderful girls.

Work: This summer I am working at the carriage house theatre! It is so glorious. I have missed it so much. I don't think there is another job out there that you could hire me for twelve plus hours a day. All the shows this year are extremely funny as well; i've been seconds away from peeing my pants every rehearsal.

Marriage: Tim is the greatest man of all time. The end. 

Family: The following picture is post family tetherball tournament. My mom kicked everyone's bum. I apparently am not very good at tether ball. But we all could have guessed that.

Happy Summertime!