Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer is over

I can't believe how fast summer flew by. I tried stretching it out as far as I could, but being that our first day of school is monday there is no more denying it: Summer is over! Some pretty amazing things happened this summer. Firstly, my summer job at the theatre! Singing and dancing pretty much sums up my job description. This summer I got to play "Winifred" in "Once Upon a Mattress." That entailed jumping off mattresses, hypnotizing princesses and very Big red hair! In "The Drowsy Chaperone" I played Kitty. Just Kitty. She was a ditzy chorus girl with a really squeaky voice who wore a fox around her shoulders. (Someday I will wear a fox for real, that was so fun.)Lastly in the "Marvelous Wonderettes" I played "Suzy" the sweetie. That show was a blast because it was all girls. Serious sisterhood. And not to mention I got to be pregnant in the second act. I love to do theatre simply because it brings me joy. I love to sing. I love to dance. I love to make peolpe laugh. And I love to... dress up!

                   Fred with dry hair...       Fred with wet hair.
      *Note this was my favorite 
          wig of the summer

                     Meet Kitty. She is a bit    This was the Asian show girl           crazy but had killer costumes. had to be there.   

                        This is young Suzy.          Old and prego suzy. 

Now surprisingly, summer didn't just consist of theatre. 
This summer I....

Performed in the dance Recital
Did the Waterton 2 Glacier relay 
(Mine and Tim's first race together yay!)
Cheered my siblings on at dance competition
Helped rid my two familiies of lice (PAINFUL)
Completed my first triathlon 
Organized and ran a dance camp with Michelle and Chelan
Went to a toga party 
Discovered that I have faint, yet exsistant freckles
Got eyelash extensions (Best investment of my life)
Wake boarded for the first time
Saw the musical "9 to 5"
Went to an Arcade 
Played at a trampoline park
Suntanned at Lake Powell

Now just to elaborate on that last one... Lake Powell was a BLAST! We went with Tim's family. We wakeboarder, water-wieneid, suntanned, read books, played cards, went swimming and relaxed. It was thanks to that trip that I felt rested and ready for school! So here I am back in Hawaii and ready to boot. After such an amazing summer I can't wait to see what adventures the school year brings. 

Me and my boyfriend.

My cute swimsuit I bought just for Powell.

Thankfully the care instructions 
didn't prove to be true...

Ahhhh the beauty of the earth. 

The Mrs. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

work, sleep, repeat.

It's summer time. Summer time is blogging time, so hopefully this isn't another failed attempt at keeping record of life's happenings. 

Dance Recital: Me, Michelle, Chelan and Tessa all performed in Jodi's Dance Academy's Year end recital. We put our number together in a week hoping to help advertise for our upcoming dance camp. It was a BLAST! We did it to the song "hero" from the new footloose movie. I love dancing. Especially with such wonderful girls.

Work: This summer I am working at the carriage house theatre! It is so glorious. I have missed it so much. I don't think there is another job out there that you could hire me for twelve plus hours a day. All the shows this year are extremely funny as well; i've been seconds away from peeing my pants every rehearsal.

Marriage: Tim is the greatest man of all time. The end. 

Family: The following picture is post family tetherball tournament. My mom kicked everyone's bum. I apparently am not very good at tether ball. But we all could have guessed that.

Happy Summertime!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For Him:

Oh my heart. 
I love Valentines day! 
The month of love is my favourite. 
Tim is my favourite.
Oh my heart
I love Tim!

Some of todays events & acts of love:

1. Love Potion: This was part of "the fourteen days of Valentines" that I did for him. (As are numbers 2 & 3). Dr. Pepper no doubt.

2. Lindors: his favourite chocolates. 

3. Jessie Pez: With the accompanying note "Howdy partner! How bout you give me a shot at being your valentine!" Cheesy never fails to impress. 

4. Sign of Love: As I walked out of the house to go to choir, this dove was sitting outside our door. We had just been expressing our love for each other. Coincidence? No way in heck. (And no Tim, I refuse to believe it was a pigeon).

5. Tim's valentines present! See below.

6. Kisses. Lots and lots of those.

7. Part of number five, a mug from his favourite company filled with goodies.

8. Valentines day brunch! Complete with berries, coconut syrup, icing sugar and whipped cream. 

My valentine looking ever so handsome!
This is his present - a shirt he'd been eyeing at ugmonk.

Happy Love day everyone!

The Mrs.

Friday, December 30, 2011

In a nutshell...

The past two months(three, four months?) have been luscious. 

Where do I begin?

Finishing exams was the best feeling in the world. As always. It got even better when we flew out to Canada that same night. (I  picked up a Starbucks to celebrate the occasion, first hot chocolate of the season!) Watching Michelle dance in the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert was the perfect start to a perfect Christmas - I'll even let go of the fact that there was no snow -
It was that perfect. 

The biggest highlight of the holidays was with out a doubt seeing family. (Seriously Crawford/Zemp children stop being so darn cute you are giving me Tim baby fever.) I also must mention the girls night out; simply fabulous. With the combination of our unique/frightening laughter, and shall we say risqué picture taking? Moxies will never know what hit 'em.  

New Years was a riot. Tim and I crashed the singles party in Waterton. I apologize to anyone I made feel uncomfortable.
And might I add - best New Year's kiss ever.

Being back in Hawaii is so wonderful. I get my man back to myself, the sunshine and a fresh start at school. My classes are hard, but I love the challenge. (Maybe that's the reason why took on 18 credits (what!?) and committed to a marathon (what!?)) 

I am so looking forward to the adventures and opportunities this semester will bring! 

Happy New Year from the Zemps! 

Shane Harder Photography

(So what if it's a bit late?)

The Mr. & Mrs.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Freak Show

My habits of procrastinating and doing "half effort" homework have finally caught up with me. Midterms = death. You'd think that classes like {} would speak for themselves, probably something along the lines of "I'm a really hard class, focus on me or i'll literally bite you in the rear." But unfortunately, they don't. And I have learned the same lesson for the hundredth time: 

If you're going to do something do it well. 
otherwise it's a waste of your time.

Seriously. I need to stamp those words to my forehead. On a good note, my crammed yet very hard work has paid off. I've gotten A's on all my midterms thus far! Only one left. One last push before I can breath again. I can do this. I know I can.

Also, during my journey of mental labour, I have acquired a few skills. I am a very creative break taker. Some of my activities over the past few days have included:

Virtual Makeovers

Late night snacking - bowl of watermelon, most genius idea ever.

Jbiebs "Under the Mistletoe." Naturally.  
P.S. He totally is a young version of Paul Wesley. (Stephen Salvator TVD)

Spending time with my Christmas love. Sorry Timothy, that is how you will be addressed from now on.

Modern family episodes

Gecko catching - I've caught two this week!

Bike riding.


It's been a rough, but wonderful couple of weeks. 
Good luck to all of you taking midterms as well!

The Mrs.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Call me inapropriate,

...but I laughed at this.
(oh the funnies of living in married housing.)

The Mrs.