Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For Him:

Oh my heart. 
I love Valentines day! 
The month of love is my favourite. 
Tim is my favourite.
Oh my heart
I love Tim!

Some of todays events & acts of love:

1. Love Potion: This was part of "the fourteen days of Valentines" that I did for him. (As are numbers 2 & 3). Dr. Pepper no doubt.

2. Lindors: his favourite chocolates. 

3. Jessie Pez: With the accompanying note "Howdy partner! How bout you give me a shot at being your valentine!" Cheesy never fails to impress. 

4. Sign of Love: As I walked out of the house to go to choir, this dove was sitting outside our door. We had just been expressing our love for each other. Coincidence? No way in heck. (And no Tim, I refuse to believe it was a pigeon).

5. Tim's valentines present! See below.

6. Kisses. Lots and lots of those.

7. Part of number five, a mug from his favourite company filled with goodies.

8. Valentines day brunch! Complete with berries, coconut syrup, icing sugar and whipped cream. 

My valentine looking ever so handsome!
This is his present - a shirt he'd been eyeing at ugmonk.

Happy Love day everyone!

The Mrs.

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