Friday, December 30, 2011

In a nutshell...

The past two months(three, four months?) have been luscious. 

Where do I begin?

Finishing exams was the best feeling in the world. As always. It got even better when we flew out to Canada that same night. (I  picked up a Starbucks to celebrate the occasion, first hot chocolate of the season!) Watching Michelle dance in the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert was the perfect start to a perfect Christmas - I'll even let go of the fact that there was no snow -
It was that perfect. 

The biggest highlight of the holidays was with out a doubt seeing family. (Seriously Crawford/Zemp children stop being so darn cute you are giving me Tim baby fever.) I also must mention the girls night out; simply fabulous. With the combination of our unique/frightening laughter, and shall we say risqué picture taking? Moxies will never know what hit 'em.  

New Years was a riot. Tim and I crashed the singles party in Waterton. I apologize to anyone I made feel uncomfortable.
And might I add - best New Year's kiss ever.

Being back in Hawaii is so wonderful. I get my man back to myself, the sunshine and a fresh start at school. My classes are hard, but I love the challenge. (Maybe that's the reason why took on 18 credits (what!?) and committed to a marathon (what!?)) 

I am so looking forward to the adventures and opportunities this semester will bring! 

Happy New Year from the Zemps! 

Shane Harder Photography

(So what if it's a bit late?)

The Mr. & Mrs.

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