Sunday, May 29, 2011


Here in Hawaii we have the most awesome neighbours. Their names are Shane and Ashley. Shane has his own photography business (Shane Harder Photography) and he does amazing work! The other day he asked us if we'd be willing to shoot some pictures with him so he could broaden his engagement pictures portfolio. We were thrilled to! He thought he was doing us a favor, trust me the pleasure was all ours! Here are some of my favourite pictures from the shoot. Unfortunately I slept in and it was windy so don't mind 
the crazy hair :)

Hey babe you wanna play with me?

Please play with me?

That's it, you have no choice. Play with me!

 And the splashing begins

Okay you win! Truce?

Truce :)

The Mrs.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Three things that I am extremely passionate about:


The one I'd like to focus on today is singing. I LOVE singing. Now just because I love it, does not mean I am anything special at it; however it brings me great great joy. I sing non-stop, you can ask my family, friends, husband, even the regular shoppers at foodland and they will confirm this is true. Last tuesday was the Glee season finale. It was amazing. If you haven't already guessed, I am a gleek. Through and through. It's the only music I play on Itunes and the only radio station I listen to on Pandora. The singers and music absolutely inspire me. Inspiration to the point where when I am alone, I sing at the top of my lungs and pretend like i'm on broadway. (My poor neighbours). It's exhilarating, I would recommend everyone to try it. "Rollin' in the deep" is my favourite glee song of the week. I mean, what could get better than ADELE and glee? If you haven't heard it, consider it a gift from me to you.

 Thank you for letting me share some of my glee-love with you. I think I'm going to go belt some jar of hearts.

The Mrs.

Monday, May 23, 2011

For a brief moment...

Tim and I are officially Polynesian Cultural Centre workers!
Tim is doing an internship with the marketing department and I work at the Gateway buffet! We both really enjoy our jobs; they are awesome. I work with the sweetest people, and I don't mean sweet as is "ya dude that's totally sweet," I mean sweet as in the most kind, friendly and adorable people you will ever meet. Now as lucky as we are to both have jobs, work is still work.
I do not like it when I am bussing plates and the guests' food spills on me. I do not like my uniform. I do not like that by the end of the night my feet are aching. I do not like seating people in places that they obviously don't like. I don't like that the PCC doesn't accept tips (where's the fun in that?).  But what I dislike the most, is having to go to work on a beautiful day when I know I could be spending time with best friend. Call me silly, but if I could spend every second of everyday with him, I would. 
Now on a happier note, aside from all the things I dislike about work, there is one thing that I absolutely love.I love it when I am working and completely out of the blue Tim and the marketing team come walking in,(sometimes they have projects within the food services). 

I love that in the brief moment we see each other we both can't help but grin. 

I love that for a brief moment I am the happiest girl in the world. 

I love that for a brief moment we are together, 

and I love that for a brief moment we are both reminded of how much we love each other.

 Work is never so unbearable after that brief moment. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sleepy head.

 I have a sleeping disorder.
I like to blame my condition on accumulated sleep deprivation of my first paper route, early morning seminary, and morning piano/cello practising. 
It seems that because I was a sleep deprived, my body can never get enough.
As soon as I start to feel my eyes get heavy, there is no hope,
I will be asleep within minutes.
I have fallen asleep: 
at the theatre
at the dance studio
during every class I have ever taken
on the floor of the airpot
in my closet(wierd)
on my first date with tim(haha)
at church
on the beach
in tiffany & co
Okay this one is bad...
In NY during "Wicked".
Let me clarify: It was AMAZING! However, after an exhausting day of shopping and touring, my eyes started getting heavy...
I had to physically hold them open. I was NOT going to fall asleep during one of my favourite productions of all time in NEW YORK!
Unfortunately sleep prevailed. I honestly have no control. I am proud to say I was only asleep five minutes before my body woke up in complete terror of what I may have missed. I stayed awake after that.

Not only am I slave to my sleep, but every one else is as well.
Call me the cuddle monster. 
I steal ALL the covers
I take up ALL the space on the bed.
I smother anyone in the same bed as me.
and I am completely oblivious to everything.

The other day Tim did an experiment. I was asleep (of course), and I latched on to him in my sleep (of course), so he softly pushed me away, just to see how long it would take for me to gravitate back.
One... Two...Three...
I was back!
He pushed me away again.
One.. Two... Three...
I'm back!
One... Two... Three...
Are you serious!? She is back?

It's true, I have a sleeping disorder. I wrote this post because this morning I hated waking up. It was physically painful. And instead of venting and being angry about how hard life is, ( I don't really like to be angry) I decided to diagnose myself with this condition to make me feel better. It totally worked.
I think the best cure for me is just to follow Jane's advice: go to bed earlier.

Thank you Tim for being so patient with my morning grumpiness. You are the best husband.

The Mrs.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I love this picture. 
Seriously, did the photographer know that he was shooting the future?

The only thing missing Tim's pink helmet :)

What can I say, 
we were predestined.

The Mrs.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The most beautiful girl in the world.

Let me introduce you to my cousin 
She is my very best friend. There is not a more kind hearted person on the planet. She never has anything rude to say about anyone, but rather nice things to say about everyone. When I'm with her I cannot stop smiling; she radiates a joy of life that is contagious to everyone she meets. Today is her birthday. 
Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world. 

Simply Stunning

We do everything together :

We go camping together

We do theatre together.
 Taryn has the voice of a siren.
Last summer I got to be her doo-wap girl and she got to be my mom!
Best summer ever.
The summer before that we both got to be clowns :) 
Funnest scene ever. 

We go to dances together. 
... And go crazy :)

She was my maid of honour.
Now most of you probably don't know this. But we had a limo at our wedding that came and drove Tim and I to our hotel in Calgary. 
The reason most of you don't know about it, is because it wasn't in the plans. Taryn completely surprised me with this most memorable gift. This woman goes over and beyond. 
So lucky to have her in my life.

We support each other.

We travel together.
Disneyland is one of my most treasured memories.

We live together.
I remember this one time, I was having a sad night, and even though I'm a selfish bed hog, and Taryn's bed dipped in the centre where she had no choice but to be victim of my almost violating and constraining cuddle, even though she would receive zero sleep that night, she let me sleep with her :) Chelan can attest that that is no easy thing to do. And Taryn didn't just "let" me. She asked me to sleep wit her! Not because she needed it, but she knew I did. She is always there when I need her.

We sing together. 
(This picture was taken at our recital)
Taryn is my favourite person to sing with.
I love her so much. The statement at the top of the picture only depicts a fraction of how important she is to me. These past few months I have been away I have missed her dearly...

For her birthday her mom gave her a plane ticket to HAWAII!!!!
Taryn, I could have sent you a present in the mail... but Tim and I have better ideas for when you are here. So be prepared. ;)
I love you SO much and happy 20th birthday!!!!

P.S. Thank you Auntie Laura for giving this gift to Taryn. I think it was an even bigger gift for me! You are the most thoughtful mother! I'm so excited! 

The Mrs.

Oh baby it's raining.

      The past few days here in Hawaii have been incredible. It's been raining non-stop, and thanks to it, I had my very first bike adventure. 
      I was riding my bike to campus when I came across a HUGE puddle. Huge as in 25 ft long and 2ft deep. I looked at the sea in front of me and decided that I had to options. 

1. Go take the longer route to class
2. Charge through it

      Considering that I was already late for class I decided to press forward. Bring it.  As I began to ride, the water level slowly started increasing. First it was just at my wheels, then my pedals, then my feet, and then, if you can picture it, just below my knees. Three quarters of my wheels were completely submerged. At this point, the resistance of the pedals increased significantly. It felt like my bike could tip over any second. I knew I had to pedal hard and fast if I wanted to make it out of there semi-dry. Did I do it? You bet I did! I hunched over my handle bars and gave everything I had. Finally, I came to dry pavement. I had the biggest grin on my face!... As did the man in the mini-van. He had been watching my struggle the entire time. I must admit, I probably looked really silly, but I felt like the man in the mini-van had a smile of encouragement. He had been cheering me on. Thank you man in the mini-van!

The rain has also brought back many wonderful memories:

Tess, remember when we danced in the rain in Europe?

Remember when the triple threat did the "Stand in the Rain dance?"

Remember when C.H.T did Singing in the Rain? With REAL rain? Taking out those finger waves was my favourite part of the night .

Yes. This was my first scene costume.

 Babe, remember the other day? When we kissed in the rain? ...hehe of course you do.

What wonderful memories are associated with rain.
 Thank you so much for rain. 

The Mrs.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What's that big thing on your head?

I couldn't help but smile when tim asked the question,
 "Whats that big thing on your head?"
What was it? My headband, and not even my biggest one at that!
From my little experience of living with a boy, I have been completely fascinated with how different we are. Boys must have so many questions. Some of Tim's would include:

Why do you pucker your lips in the mirror?

Why do you sing and dance around in your underwear?

Why do you put sparkles on your face?

Why do you do twirls in the grocery store?

Why is it every time you see a gecko, you talk to it?

Are you sure ice cream is a necessity?

Why is it that you cry?

Why is everything you

Why do you kill the ants in our house like you're scared of them?

Why does your choice of movie always have kissing in it?

Should I tell her that she is really not a mermaid?

Why do you use four times as much of conditioner than is needed?

Why do you "pretend" to online shop, when you can't buy anything?

 - Speaking of pretend online shopping... This is what I bought today :) 

Well boys I have one simple answer to all of your questions. Why girls do the things they do?

Because we love to.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Tim and I finally got bikes! I was never much of a bike rider, but now that I have such a cute one, I just can't help but ride it all the time. Natalie Norton thought the same thing. She thought they looked like "newly wed bikes" and took this lovely picture for us. I agree! These bikes just speak Mr. & Mrs., I can't wait to see what adventures they bring. 

P.S. HAHAHA oh my lanta. Trisha and Michelle, that was the funniest post of my life! I thought I should let you know that Mr. Timothy Justin Beanber makes an excellent husband. Definitely a keeper!

The Mrs.