Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sleepy head.

 I have a sleeping disorder.
I like to blame my condition on accumulated sleep deprivation of my first paper route, early morning seminary, and morning piano/cello practising. 
It seems that because I was a sleep deprived, my body can never get enough.
As soon as I start to feel my eyes get heavy, there is no hope,
I will be asleep within minutes.
I have fallen asleep: 
at the theatre
at the dance studio
during every class I have ever taken
on the floor of the airpot
in my closet(wierd)
on my first date with tim(haha)
at church
on the beach
in tiffany & co
Okay this one is bad...
In NY during "Wicked".
Let me clarify: It was AMAZING! However, after an exhausting day of shopping and touring, my eyes started getting heavy...
I had to physically hold them open. I was NOT going to fall asleep during one of my favourite productions of all time in NEW YORK!
Unfortunately sleep prevailed. I honestly have no control. I am proud to say I was only asleep five minutes before my body woke up in complete terror of what I may have missed. I stayed awake after that.

Not only am I slave to my sleep, but every one else is as well.
Call me the cuddle monster. 
I steal ALL the covers
I take up ALL the space on the bed.
I smother anyone in the same bed as me.
and I am completely oblivious to everything.

The other day Tim did an experiment. I was asleep (of course), and I latched on to him in my sleep (of course), so he softly pushed me away, just to see how long it would take for me to gravitate back.
One... Two...Three...
I was back!
He pushed me away again.
One.. Two... Three...
I'm back!
One... Two... Three...
Are you serious!? She is back?

It's true, I have a sleeping disorder. I wrote this post because this morning I hated waking up. It was physically painful. And instead of venting and being angry about how hard life is, ( I don't really like to be angry) I decided to diagnose myself with this condition to make me feel better. It totally worked.
I think the best cure for me is just to follow Jane's advice: go to bed earlier.

Thank you Tim for being so patient with my morning grumpiness. You are the best husband.

The Mrs.


  1. haha jordan i seriously have the same problem you do I think... If i'm tired. NOTHING can keep me awake. my eyelids are the strongest thing on my body. they win every time. i've fallen asleep at work like 4 times already and i just started on like may 3rd. I can be in the strangest places or at the most exciting event in the world but if my body decides I'm tired.. nothing else matters. sleep always wins!
    hahahah going to bed early has helped though believe it or not. I'm getting out of the habit though so I need to start it up again. ..

  2. oh jane! I am so happy we share this. Most people in the world don't have this disorder, and they give us no sympathy ;) Here's to us and our sleepy heads.