Sunday, May 29, 2011


Here in Hawaii we have the most awesome neighbours. Their names are Shane and Ashley. Shane has his own photography business (Shane Harder Photography) and he does amazing work! The other day he asked us if we'd be willing to shoot some pictures with him so he could broaden his engagement pictures portfolio. We were thrilled to! He thought he was doing us a favor, trust me the pleasure was all ours! Here are some of my favourite pictures from the shoot. Unfortunately I slept in and it was windy so don't mind 
the crazy hair :)

Hey babe you wanna play with me?

Please play with me?

That's it, you have no choice. Play with me!

 And the splashing begins

Okay you win! Truce?

Truce :)

The Mrs.


  1. kay i love these pictures! you two are just so cute :)

  2. Jordan. You and Tim are adorable! These pictures make me want to be in Hawaii! Love them!

  3. Ok...I officially miss you two like crazy! Mmmwwaahhhh!