Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oh baby it's raining.

      The past few days here in Hawaii have been incredible. It's been raining non-stop, and thanks to it, I had my very first bike adventure. 
      I was riding my bike to campus when I came across a HUGE puddle. Huge as in 25 ft long and 2ft deep. I looked at the sea in front of me and decided that I had to options. 

1. Go take the longer route to class
2. Charge through it

      Considering that I was already late for class I decided to press forward. Bring it.  As I began to ride, the water level slowly started increasing. First it was just at my wheels, then my pedals, then my feet, and then, if you can picture it, just below my knees. Three quarters of my wheels were completely submerged. At this point, the resistance of the pedals increased significantly. It felt like my bike could tip over any second. I knew I had to pedal hard and fast if I wanted to make it out of there semi-dry. Did I do it? You bet I did! I hunched over my handle bars and gave everything I had. Finally, I came to dry pavement. I had the biggest grin on my face!... As did the man in the mini-van. He had been watching my struggle the entire time. I must admit, I probably looked really silly, but I felt like the man in the mini-van had a smile of encouragement. He had been cheering me on. Thank you man in the mini-van!

The rain has also brought back many wonderful memories:

Tess, remember when we danced in the rain in Europe?

Remember when the triple threat did the "Stand in the Rain dance?"

Remember when C.H.T did Singing in the Rain? With REAL rain? Taking out those finger waves was my favourite part of the night .

Yes. This was my first scene costume.

 Babe, remember the other day? When we kissed in the rain? ...hehe of course you do.

What wonderful memories are associated with rain.
 Thank you so much for rain. 

The Mrs.

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  1. hahaha hordy, i cant totally see you doing this! cracked me up! and of course i member! one of the highlights of that trip? yes yes!