Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day number one.

Cardston Alberta Canada!
One of my favourite places in the entire world.
Day number one of my Canadian adventure went like this:

Tim and I arrived in Calgary where both of our mom's were waiting to pick us up. They wanted to go shopping. 

Mom's: Do you mind if we stop at the mall?
Me: PLEASE can we stop at the mall!?

We then went shopping for Matts birthday, and possibly a few other things... possibly two new shirts and a skirt from anthro? Possibly a new lulu top? Possibly these to die for shoes in a baby pink?

Oh shopping how I'd missed you. It was so fun. I think my favourite part was when Tim got his first lulu sweater. I knew he'd cave someday ;) Although he still claims that he is going to somehow get rid of the logo on the hood...

When we arrived in Cardston later that night, we celebrated Matt's 17th birthday. I just love Matt. He is such a good sport. One of the presents he received was a baby doll from Rachel and Lindsey. As soon as he opened it Lindsey exclaimed:

"That's Jordan and Tim's baby... that they didn't want."

Oh Family how I have missed laughing with you.

The Mrs.

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