Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So it's kinda a mental thing...

The other night I was about to go on a run. In my head, this run was huge! I was going to be running my longest distance yet, eight miles. For you eight miles may not be that far, but for me, achieving this personal goal was a big deal. I had been mentally preparing/dreading all day. Finally, when it came time to run, disaster struck: I couldn't find my nike+ shoe insert. How was I supposed to know when I had run eight miles without it? (So dramatic I am sometimes.) After ten minutes of vigorous searching I finally found it. Of course it had been in my shoe the entire time. Pushing my minor setback aside, I laced up and was all ready to go. Then disaster number two struck. I had found my shoe insert, but it wouldn't sync with my ipod. I was on the verge on a meltdown, all I could think about was how it was getting to dark outside to run and that I could have been two miles in already. After 20 minutes of trying to get it to work, I announced to Tim that I couldn't go on my run any more, it was all ruined. (Even more dramatic I am sometimes.)Then before I knew it, chariots of fire was playing and Tim was running towards me in slow motion. It totally won me over, I dropped the attitude and decided I could still do my run, and that instead of dreading it, I was going to enjoy it. Also on the plus side, my nike+ started working! 

Attitude is everything

Some days a three mile run absolutely kills me, but those eight miles were honestly the easiest I've ever ran. And because of it, I've finally decided to commit to running the Gunstock Trail Half Marathon on October 15th. Should be an adventure!

The Mrs.

P.S. Thanks again Mr.Zemp for being the best husband in the universe :)


  1. You are going to dread miles 9 and 10!! I hated those miles when i ran my half-marathon in florida last year! but good luck to ya! Make sure you pack some electrolyte gummies with you! (if you need any help getting ready FB or email Gina Prima! She helped me so much with mine!)

  2. you are so inspiring! i like running but i have always been a 2 or 3 mile kinda girl. i'm going to push it to 4 tonight! woohoo. and seriously.. i completely understand the drama. i swear mine has even increased since getting married.

  3. Sam!- I just did ten yesterday... definitely a LOT harder than eight hahah. I'll have to try some of those gummies! Thanks you so much!

    Jennica- Go you! Thats AWESOME! You'll feel SO good after too! I hadn't ever ran 4 miles till just a couple months ago, and it's a seriously a HUGE accomplishment. Good luck!!!