Thursday, September 15, 2011

Naniloa Loop

Aloha! E komo mai nou ka hale!
{Welcome our house is yours!}

So this is our home. 
I will take you through a little tour and tell you a little bit about Hawaiian living!

This is where we do homework and make really yummy food!
Sometimes the ants like to join us, I've told them many times that our house is not ant friendly, but they keep forgetting, 
 so then we -excuse my language- kill them. 

This is where we sleep! There is a heavenly breeze that goes right through the window beside us. (You can kind of see the curtain blowing.) It is so lovely.

This is where we relax! It's like the multipurpose space; we eat, sleep, watch movies, do yoga, you name it!

The closet is where I sing so I don't bother the neighbours, and I just took a picture of our dish cupboard because it's my favourite part of the house. :)

That's all for now, come visit any time!

The Mrs.


  1. why is your dish cupboard your favorite part of the house?..

  2. hahah because I love our dishes :) And i think they look really cute, and i just can't help but smile every time I open the cupboard!

  3. I'm coming. :) It's been decided.. by me.