Friday, April 15, 2011


Since this is now one of those mormon family blogs, I have decided to take my turn at blogging.

Jordan and I are chillin here in Hawaii, 30 steps from our private "bathtub beach" until school starts, in the meantime I want to make people realize what they are missing out on when they decide to go anywhere else for school than BYU-H.

Here are four videos from a great cinematographer named Devin Graham. All are made on location at BYU-H or other North Shore locations with BYU-H students.

This video is truly epic, watch for the new company called Jaseboards in the near future

Here's more...

Waimea Bay with BYU-H Students...still want to go to Lethbridge College? Still want to go to Edmonton? Cause even BYU can't compare....

Maybe you aren't into having this much fun.... I know these guys are having a blast..

Have fun wherever you are, but just think twice when planning where you are going to go to school 
- The Mr.


  1. your a dork. but, hey! I'm glad you are blogging now!! So, I am guessing you found your wife? :)