Thursday, October 6, 2011

A couple things I thought you should know.

I love it when you

wake me up with kisses

kill the bugs for me

throw me over your shoulder

tell me i'm not allowed jog in the dark

insist on carrying all the groceries home

run your fingers through my hair

become a boy again while watching BYU football

give me the smile that means you're up to no good

dance in the kitchen

kiss me on campus

insist that you are european 

watch vampire diaries with me

use words like "dorkus-malorcus" and "rudie"

sing me songs from our love playlist

say bedtime prayers

get passionate about photoshop

laugh at my jokes

hug my waist from behind

You. are. amazing.

Today I wanted to wish a

Happy birthday to the man

 who tells me I'm beautiful everyday

who makes all my insecurities disappear

supports me in every decision I make

who wipes away every tear

who loves me unconditionally 

I love you.

Your Mrs.


  1. happy birthday tim! hope your day is wonderful! and i love this post jordan! its funny to see a whole other side of tim.

    ps. it's brians birthday today too! birthday twiners.

  2. You guys are too cute! Hope you had a FABULOUS day celebrating together. Happy Birthday, Tim!